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We are a national recruiting firm specializing in health care. For 20 years we have been partnering with major MCO's, Pharmaceuticals and other health care companies to find their top level executives.

Some of the areas we focus in are:


C Level Executives

Medical Directors



RN Executives

Network Development-Provider Relations – Contracting - Sales - Claims and Finance



As a woman owned and managed organization, we strive to make our candidate pool as broad and diverse as possible. By doing sufficient research to break into new target networks, through expanding our internal candidate pool and masterfully using social networking sites such as LinkedIn, we have a diverse network of health care professionals numbering in the thousands. Our high quality relationships help us make diversity-oriented searches successful.


Our communications about a position—both internally and externally—emphasize our commitment to diversity.


We have learned that if you always recruit from the same places, with the same methods, you will always get the same people. We tailor our search parameters to meet your  specific needs.   


Our Services Include

  Initial planning and consultation, needs assessment and job definition, compensation advice, research, internet search, direct recruiting, candidate presentations, background checking, assistance in final selection, package negotiation, and post placement follow-up.

The Search

We will conduct original research, targeting organizations identified as likely employers of potential candidates and assessing our proprietary database and social networking    sites for sources of potential candidates.


We develop a slate of potentially qualified candidates, then conduct telephone interviews to develop candidates for submission to the client for interviews. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s suitability for, and interest in, the position.


We will present several qualified candidates to the client for interviews and, throughout the process, act as a mediator to assure that all issues relevant to filling the position   are being addressed.

We only take on a search if we are confident we can provide quality candidates in a timely fashion


  We are aware of the sensitive nature of the circumstances surrounding a personnel change or the addition of a newly created position. You can count on us conducting the search with the emphasis on confidentiality.

Types of Searches

At Eve Crane & Associates...
Our first priority will be to learn as much as we can
        about your company and the in-place management team.

  We can conduct reference checks. That way, we’ll only present candidates that fit well into your company’s culture and will be a good match for all concerned. We all know the high cost of a bad hire on productivity and morale.



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Eve Crane & Associates is a Preferred Vendor for our Fortune 50 MCO; Eve has worked with our company for the past ten years delivering qualified candidates for a variety of high level positions.

Placements through Eve Crane & Associates have included: COO; VP of Finance; VP of Provider Relations; CMO and several other positions.

The company supplies qualified candidates with references and background information and they are always very responsive to our needs & requests.

I absolutely would recommend the company.

AVP Human Resources

Fortune 50 Health Plan



Our focus is Managed Care Medicaid/Medicare.  Eve Crane understands our culture and presents qualified candidates. The turnaround time is usually quick and her references are thorough.

She has successfully placed many executive level candidates in Operations as well as in our Clinical areas. 

Placements have included:

New Jersey


VP of Quality Management

Director of Contracting

New York

Director of HCMS

VP Health Care Programs

AVP Clinical Operations

AVP Medical Management

AVP Quality Management


I would highly recommend the company.

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Fortune 500 Health Plan





Our organization retained Eve Crane & Associates to conduct our search for a COO based on the company's experience with executive placement in Managed Care. They produced qualified candidates quickly and were very responsive during the entire interview and placement process. We highly recommend their services.

Chief Executive Officer

Health Network Solutions, Inc. (HNS)

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