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Your search team will include:

 Eve Crane, lead recruiter and owner with over 20 years direct recruiting experience in healthcare. Prior to forming her company, Eve was employed by MRI as a healthcare recruiter,Bell South as a regional marketing representative and as Director of Marketing for a regional hospital company.

 Scott Royal, managing partner and head of social networking & internet recruiting. Having 14 years recruiting experience and a vast network of qualified candidates, you can be assured of high quality candidates being presented for consideration.

Search Process

Job Description + HR & Hiring Manager Input = Our Road Map to Destination = Best fit candidates for the position.

Refine the search parameters. Develop a full understanding of the position to be filled and the qualification of the executive to be recruited.

Search Process:

  • Define the search universe, select target companies and begin search.

  • Proprietary Data Base

  • Direct cold calls.

  • LinkedIn & Social Media

  • Screening potential candidates. We do not want to pursue those that meet minimum qualifications for the position. We want those that meet and exceed the qualifications.


During the search process we are the “Face” of the client company. Professionalism and a timely response to all inquiries is required.


If relocation is involved, we will ensure that the candidate is rock solid on relocating.

Question why they want to relocate to the opportunity’s location.

Do they have ties to the location?

Are all family members / those affected by the move on-board?

Is there a home to sell?

Urgency: What time frame does the candidate need to make a transition?

Compensation: confirm that the candidate understands the compensation package and agrees to the proposed compensation package.

Question the candidate about possible negative financial impact if they leave their current employer. (Bonus payouts, stock options etc.)

Non-compete: Verify that there is no non-compete or other employment restrictions that would preclude them from accepting an offer.

Interview. Verify that the candidate understands that communications need to be timely and that they will need to make themselves available for interviews.

  • Submission for consideration. Resume is to include complete contact information (mailing address). A summary of our screening questions/answers will be included with the resume.















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